Bulletin List

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  • Craft Talk: Tony Akel of Akel Engineering
  • Presidential Song by Stefanine Krause performed by Deborah Christiansen
  • Presidential Roast

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  • Demotion Party Photos
  • Paul Harris: Diane Phakonekham
  • Craft Talk: Diane Phakonekham
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  • Rotary International Highlights
  • Huntsmans Award
  • Avenues of Service Updates
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  • Special Thanks to Blooming Belle Marketing
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  • Hagop Bedoyan Craft Talk
  • KSEE24 Acknowledges Gyumri Armenia Project
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  • Michael Grannis and RealChangeFresno.Org
  • Patti O'neill Graduates
  • Diane Phakonekham and ALEC
  • Pancake and Run Tickets
  • Judge Ikeda and Japanese Resettlement
  • Scholarship Awards
PDF icon nfr-2017-05-18_bulletin_0.pdf May 11 Highlights
  • Denise Gets the Keys
  • Raffle and Pancake Packets are Out
  • Run Packet Pickup Update
  • Michael Grannis Craft Talk
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North Fresno Rotary Bulletin

Bulletin Editor : Peter Fortuna
Editor: Sharon Weaver
Photographer Emeritus: Rick Quan
Photographer: Peter Fortuna
Photographer: Paul Masquelier

Bulletin Publishes 

  • For North Fresno Rotary Members; Sunday 7PM
  • For Community Readers; Monday 9AM