District 5230 Mike Andritch 2015-16

Welcome to Rotary District 5230, encompassing 58 Rotary Clubs in Central California and the Central Coast, within the counties of Fresno, Kings, Monterey and Tulare.

My definition of Rotary is: a group of everyday people, local professional, business and community leaders who join together in friendship to make a difference in their hometowns….and the world. We get together regularly to share our lives and discuss ways to make the community a better place. We also have fun!

Rotary embraces and teaches leadership to all its’ members…but it is up to you to take Rotary and yourself to the next level of leadership within your community. Rotary defines leadership by mindset and approach, not label or titles.

The 2700 men and women of our District are committed to their communities. They are smart, persevering, compassionate and inspiring. They exchange ideas, bringing their expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve local and global problems. And they do it by subscribing the highest ethical standards in the land.

I first joined Rotary in 1991.  When I attended a Club for the first time, I didn’t know a soul in the room but I have never felt so welcomed in an unfamiliar environment. People went out of their way to shake my hand and to “thank” me for being there.  We are welcoming to all people who grace our doors to share a meal or a snack and attend our meetings.  Within a few months after joining Rotary, I realized that my new best friends were in my Rotary Club and they have become lifelong friends.  Rotarian’s high energy level as well as their high ethical standards make them the kind of people we all want to hang out with.

I challenge you to drive around your town and find a park or school or senior center that does not display the Rotary Wheel.  Our members have built amazing facilities that would not exist without Rotary. We “get it done”.

Internationally, Rotary has provided clean water to millions of people in third world countries.  Our latest (and longest) battle has been the eradication of Polio.  You say you never heard of Polio?  Good…you can thank Rotary for that. Rotary has been raising money and immunizing children against Polio since 1985.  To say “we are this close” is not a cliché but rather a fact.  Today, Polio only exists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.  Granted, Pakistan and Afghanistan are very challenging due to war and terrorism, but Nigeria has not had a new reported case since July 2014. Once Polio is gone, it is gone forever.  In the meantime, it is important to realize that Polio is just one plane ride away from the U.S. We cannot quit now.  As a Rotarian, I encourage you to support our efforts to rid the world of Polio, to increase your involvement and share Rotary with a friend, colleague or neighbor.  If you are not a Rotarian, why not? I encourage you to visit a Rotary Club near you or call me.

In closing, I am honored to serve the Rotarians in District 5230.  I hope I can make you half as proud of me as I am of all of you.


Mike Andritch
District Governor (15-16)