On April 30, 1948, the Rotary Club of Fresno voted to sponsor a new club in north Fresno, and appointed Past President Harry Michell to head a Committee to carry out the project. by May 19, 1948, Dr. Mitchell was able to report to District Governor Kelly that 20 leading business and professional men located in the proposed territory and expressed a desire to become charter members of a new Rotary Club.

Fresno Rotary Club voted to relinquish area for the formation of the new club from Belmont Avenue north to the San Joaquin River. (This, a few years later was changed to from Divisadero north, and subsequently territory was relinquished by North Fresno Rotary for the formation of East Fresno Rotary in 1956, and Kerman Rotary in 1957, leaving the present territory for North Fresno Rotary from Divisadero north to the San Joaquin River, and from Blackstone west to Dickinson Avenue.)