2018 Club Goals

District 5230 Club Goals

1 Pictures of every club member and up-to-date information of each member posted in District DaCdb, District Database
2 Entire Club Board of Directors attends Club Leadership Assembly
3 Host one Inbound/Outbound Youth Exchange Student
4 3% net increase to membership (starting number taken from RCC July 1, 2018)
5 10% increase of Clubs donations to the Rotary Foundation
6 10% of Club members participation in the local District Polio Plus Ride
7 Receive the 2018-19 Rotary Citation Award
8 Sponsor/startup an Interact Club or Rotaract Club
9 Enter Club goals into Rotary Club Central before September 1st
  1. Engage the Communication Team: Enhance Club’s public image and awareness
  2. Post successful club projects with details about activities, volunteer hours, and funds raised, in Club Newsletter, Social Media, and on District website/database
  3. Tell your Club Rotary Story: Article with who, what, where, and when format.  Engage the Communication Team for assistance
11 Participate in Three-year Club Planning
12 Participate in District Grant
13 Participate in Global Grant
14 Contribute at $100 per captia to the Annual Fund