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$56,000 Fellowship Maddy Institute Fresno State

$56,000 Fellowship Maddy Institute Fresno State

As the District Governor-Elect, it is my responsibility to appoint all members who will serve in District leadership positions during the 2017-18 Rotary Year. These positions include: District Vocational Service Chair, District Interact Chair, and District Public Image Chair. The successful candidate will serve from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. All Rotarians in District 5230  are eligible for consideration for these leadership positions.

Candidates for appointment should have experience at the club level and possess a passion for the service in the area of their interest. Here is a little information of each of these positions:

District Vocational Service Chair: Serves as the District liaison assisting Rotary Club members upon request, in the identification, prioritization, planning, implementation and evaluation of Vocational Service Projects.

District Interact Chair: Supports the Interact program, operations, and communications in the District.  Provides support and guidance to clubs in the district with Interact clubs or interested in establishing Interact clubs.  Maintains a contact list of District Interact clubs and their requisite school sponsors and Rotary liaisons.  Ensures events and personnel participating are district youth events are in compliance with District Youth Protection Policy.

District Public Image Committee Chair: To assist the District Governor in informing Rotarians, and the public, about Rotary’s mission, programs, and activities and to seek opportunities to further the aims and accomplishments of Rotary. A knowledge of and experience in professional communications including the use of modern internet avenues and traditional media would be helpful. The chair should be capable of imaginative thinking in the development of communications with Rotarians and the public. The Chair will work with the Governor and Lieutenant Governors to maintain a level of excellence in Public Relations practices, both at the district and club level. The Chair will create a Public Image Committee which will be responsible for developing a District Public Image plan to help clubs communicate with their members and the public.

Art Gaffrey
District Governor Elect - District 5230