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The Stone Soup Play Ground 

The Stone Soup Play Ground 


The Stone Soup is also a trusted cultural resource to Hmong refugee families as well as a broader community seeking to embrace its diverse residents. From local families to organizations looking to improve cross-cultural relationships, we remain committed to keeping aware of real and current needs. 

The Stone Soup is local treasure and highlights the mission and vision of North Fresno Rotary and Rotary International in our community.


The Stone Soup Play Ground opens up a world of exciting possibilities for both toddlers and parents. The program at Stone Soup focuses on developmental milestones, getting parents actively involved in understanding and encouraging each child’s growth in these skills and readying families for the more formal education to come.

Emotionally, socially and cognitively. Parents learn the value of play and help to build early literacy through songs, rhymes and storytelling. Required participation by parents at these earliest stages helps to counter cultural misconceptions while encouraging the capabilities of all family members in a whole new context of learning.


North Fresno Rotary has been involved with Stone Soup Fresno since its original inception 20 years ago. Bob Kittredge, North Fresno Rotarian, was on the original founding board.  Since its founding many North Fresno Rotarians have been involved over the years.  For example, Marsha Wagner has taught citizenship classes and many of our members helped with mock citizenship tests helping the Hmong students to become new citizens.

Over the past two years one of North Fresno's major projects was erecting the Stone Soup building which was funded by Fresno State, Early Childhood Education Center.  Marsha Wagner and other community leaders were on the Board that put the project together over these two years. 

The grand opening was held November 10, 2016 and both Bob Kittredge and Marsha Wagner were at the grand opening. North Fresno Rotary is honored to have purchased the student chairs (116) and contributed to the purchase of the playground with money from the North Fresno Rotary Club Endowment Fund