North Fresno Rotarians in the News

North Fresno Rotarians in the News

Jim in the Fresno Bee

My article was about fuel being the real cause of the devastating effect of current wild fires.  We are paying the price of faulty forest management.  The breakdown occurred in the late 70's and early 80's when the Forest Service caved to the alleged harm to the habitat of the Spotted Owl.  The result was the halt of timber sales which also involved both the end of thinning and clearing of the forests as well as control burns and also the departing from the Forest Service of Rangers, who knew how to manage forests. 

If you read my article you may also wish to read the article in that same issue of the Bee about Trump's demand that California should also thin its forests.

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Dave's Commercial

This month Dave was involved with a new commercial about the important of donating blood.

Rosendo is a Top Dog

Rosendo Pena has been nominated as a Fresno State Top Dog.