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$4,250 District Grant Awarded

$4,250 District Grant Awarded

Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission

The North Fresno Rotary Grant Writing Team submitted a grant request in junction with Jon Escobar and the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission.

North Fresno Rotary Grant Team

  • Nick Smaldino
  • Mo Osman
  • Haley Wagner
  • Laura Ward
  • Marsha Wagner
  • Peter Fortuna

Community Partners

  • Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission
  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Community Need

Our North Fresno Rotary team and club have joined the culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and passion for service with Fresno EOC and have teamed up with their Food Services and Sanctuary & Youth Services programs.

On-Site Mobile Meal Vehicle is a meal service and outreach vehicle that visits some of our most underserved and impoverished areas. Upon approval, the program will expand from three (3) mobile food service stops to five (5) stops. Encompassing 15 motel locations on Parkway drive, where more than 70% of children under 18 live below the poverty level, compared to 38.2% of Fresno County as a whole (2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates). The target population for this project will be children and youth ages 1 to 18 in Fresno County.

Fresno ranks 8th among California’s 58 counties of children living in food-insecure households. Nearly one (1) in three (3) children (more than 81,000) in Fresno County have limited or uncertain access to adequate food. This is also far worse than the U.S. data where one (1) in five (5) children is food insecure. (Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, 2014).

Fresno County Food Insecurity Facts

  • 22.4% of Fresno County Residents are food insecure
  • Nearly 1 in 4 adults are food insecure
  • Nearly 1 in 3 kids are food insecure
  • There are 12 food deserts in Fresno County
  • 40% of all food that makes it to market within Fresno County ends up in land fills

Food Deserts

North Fresno Rotary and the Fresno EOC plans to provide relief for our communities. Food Deserts are neighborhoods that lack close and accessible sources of healthy food (United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, 2017). In 2013 a survey of 394 Fresno County retail stores found 20.9% of stores sold four or more types of fresh fruit; just 21.2% of stores offered four or more types of fresh vegetables. Yet there were five (5) times more fast-food restaurants than supermarkets (Fresno County Department of Public Health, “Fresno County Farm to Table,” 2017).

Researched based evidence indicates that children in food deserts are likely to increase their consumption of unhealthy fast food and sugar-sweetened beverages, contributing to obesity and other ailments. In 2013-2014 more than 43% of Fresno County children age 2 to 17 reported eating fast food at least twice during the past week (Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, 2014).

Program Benefits

  • Creates value for the local school districts and business sector
  • Creates value for the local police department
  • Promotes health improvements through the delivery of nutritious meals
  • Stimulates hope where violence, hate, disappointment, devastation, bondage, pain, helplessness, and disenfranchisement clouded the future and livelihood of residents.
  • Introduces innovation in service delivery, the prospect of sharing the partnership model statewide and nationally so that it can be replicated.

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Our advertising channels for this project will continue to be press releases, press conferences, news segments, social media posts, and working in conjunction with our Fresno EOC Marketing department.

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